How to have the BEST DAY EVER – Part 2

In our last post,we started you off with a great foundation for the BEST DAY EVER.  Honestly, you’d be on the right track with just those.

But we don’t want to stop there!

Here, our list continues with some extra tips on how to really give your day that extra boost to go from ordinary to extraordinary.

6) Look for opportunities to move outside of your comfort zone.  Yes, we know this sounds like ordinary advice, but the truth is, the only way to keep growing (and discovering all the awesomeness that you are!)  is to expand your definition of yourself.  The only way to be way cooler in five years than you are today is to GROW!

You are a well of untapped resources.

Do you think Barack Obama would be where he is today if he never decided to take a chance on himself and test his boundaries day to day?  Whether you are a fan of Barack Obama or not, let’s be real: most people didn’t know he existed before his show-stopping speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

He was elected president just four years later.

Do you think that, just maybe, he had to be bold and test his boundaries a bit?  Don’t you think that perhaps, accepting the assignment to give the key note address and make his national debut at a live televised event took just a little bit of, well, getting outside his comfort zone?  He was a member of the Illinois Senate at the time, not even yet a Senator in Washington.

Let’s be real: that’s a quick leap from the State Senate to the White House.  This is the true definition of being way cooler in five years, is it not?

We achieve greatness through continued growth, growing ever day.  We grow every day by saying “yes” to something we might be inclined to pass on.

So when the opportunity to take on a new project at work that may be beyond what you think you can accomplish shows up, take it.  Ask that pretty girl in the elevator to dinner.  Go to that Open Mic you’ve been fantasizing about.

You really can do anything.

If there’s anything you don’t know, you have the resources to learn.  You just have to give yourself a reason to find them: take the leap.

The only way to be great is to make a habit of taking leaps.

By doing it every day.

In ways both small and big.



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